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Rich Whitenack,
Founder of No Joke
"I just wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of participating in Martial Arts.. I could have never imagined where it would take me."
Our Humble Beginnings
No Joke Inc. was officially founded in 2002 by Rich Whitenack. The Whitenacks were your typical middle-class, Midwestern family who had everything they needed; a small house with a bedroom for each child, regular family cookouts, and a pet cat.

But everything changed one day when Rich decided to do something a little crazy. He made the decision to turn his passion for Martial Arts into a full-time career. With the purchase of a set of foam mats, the family sacrificed a garage in exchange for a private training space.

Rich quickly moved up the ranks as an Amateur Kick-boxer by winning a growing number of national titles, including the 2000 International Kickboxing Federation Amateur, Full-Contact Super Welterweight title. Whitenack later gave up his career in the automotive industry to train students at Z's Martial Arts Academy alongside Shihan Rob Zibilski.

With every piece of the puzzle in place, the rest is history. An increasing demand for Kickboxing and Children's Martial Arts instruction through Mr. Whitenack forced No Joke Kickboxing (as it was originally named) to quickly outgrow its home within the family garage and move into a commercial property in the Rockford area. Meanwhile, Rich advanced in his Kickboxing career and eventually turned professional. By the time he retired as an athlete, Rich had won the respect of competitors worldwide as a Professional Kick-boxer.

Check out this throwback (circa 2005):
In the nearly 20 years since our start, No Joke Mixed Martial Arts has grown in many ways.

We are proud to have opened our arms to aspiring athletes by sharing the opportunity to advance in a sport we are so passionate about. We have employed over a dozen instructors through the years and served over 1,000 Rockford-area residents with our friendly environment and expert instruction.
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Our Home in Rockford, IL
When you're ready, come give us a visit at our new home:

No Joke Mixed Martial Arts
Meet Our Leadership Team
Rich Whitenack
Founder & President
Mr. Whitenack (Sr.) became hooked on the sport of Martial Arts ever since beginning Tang Soo Do in Phoenix Arizona, where he earned his first Black Belt. 

As founder of No Joke, Whitenack takes pride in overseeing the No Joke MMA curriculum and overall company direction. Aside from his Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, Whitenack holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in the Z's Martial Arts system and is an honorary Black Belt of No Joke.
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Danny Bazarek
General Manager
Mr. Bazarek is a Children's instructor and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. In 2008, Danny started training at No Joke. After graduating from Illinois State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, Danny joined our management team and assumed the responsibility of ensuring the stability of daily operations at the gym. His goal is to have every child sweating and smiling at the end of every class.

Bazarek proudly holds a Black Belt in the No Joke MMA fighting system as well as a Purple Belt in No Joke Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Skyler H. Whitenack
Chief Revenue Officer
Mr. Whitenack (Jr.) comes from a background in Information Technology management & Online Marketing. With his expertise in technology & strong belief in the sport of Martial Arts, Whitenack is responsible for supporting company growth through integrating the organization's marketing, sales, customer experience, and product development.

Whitenack is proud to have founded the Martial Arts Lessons Association and MyDojo.Site Marketing Agency, alongside his other technology-related, entrepreneurial endeavors.
A Letter To Our Readers...
Do You Want To Learn How to Get in Shape and Gain Confidence Like NEVER Before?
Our mission is to provide the Greater Rockford Area with a comfortable place for members to enjoy fitness, competition, and build confidence through Mixed Martial Arts.

Our program will sculpt you into the person you have always wanted to be. You will learn the fundamentals of Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. You can develop the skills necessary to defend yourself, or compete in full contact competition. You can learn how to complete take-downs and to escape being mounted, choked and submitted from many positions. You can learn correct technique to deliver the most powerful punches and kicks without putting yourself in harms way. Our training program will improve your reaction time, increase flexibility and build core strength, while challenging you aerobically.

Whether you’re doing it for fitness, competition, or self defense, No Joke MMA is the place to go!

As a testament to our commitment to exposing the masses to the joy of the sport we love, we would like to extend a special offer of one (1) FREE training session in one of our classes.
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